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Lose The Close?

You heard that right. Closing isn't a step in the sales process. It's the entire sales process.Rockstar salespeople know that closing the deal starts at the beginning. It starts with getting the right people in your pipeline, spending time qualifying them, knowing how your product/service can help THEM, and on and on.The reality is that there are so many "closing" courses out there that don't help. "Hard closing" is a thing of the past. Instead, great selling comes from asking intelligent questions.You know, giving a sh*t about other people, deploying empathy to get qualified leads through the pipe.That's what this group is all about—learning the art of connecting with others and moving them through the process until they buy.You'll learn what questions to ask and how to ask them. You'll learn the correct negotiation framework that has earned me MILLIONS. Then, you'll get to collaborate with all the greats in one community.

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  • 4+ hours of on-demand sales training

  • 20+ sales scripts (calling, DMs, qualifying, objection-handling, etc)

  • Bi-weekly live training calls

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  • Access to exclusive interviews with industry leaders

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